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Xavier Spiller-Cameron & Moira Cameron

born 1991


Xavier Spiller - Cameron

Hampstead Fine Arts College

Byam Shaw (University of the Arts London) - Foundation 

City & Guilds of London Art School - BA Sculpture

Moira Cameron

born 1962



Croydon College of Art  - Foundation

Ravensbourne College of Art - Foundation & BA Fine Art

Chelsea College of Art - MA Fine Art

Mall Gallery (London) - Group show

Patricia Knight Gallery (London) - Group Show

Patricia Knight Gallery (London) - Solo Show

Camden Annual (London) - Group Show

The London Group (London) - Group Show

Yamanashi Museum (Japan) -Group Show

Trudelhaus Gallery (Switzerland) - Solo Show

Twining Gallery (New York) -Ceramics Show

The London Group (London) - Group Show

Twining Gallery (New York) - Gallery Artists Summer Show

Twining Gallery (New York) - Solo Show

Perimeter Gallery (Chicago) - Ceramic Show

Twining Gallery (New York) - Ceramic Show

London Art Fair (London) - Group Show

Oblong Gallery (London) - Group Show

Oblong Gallery (London) - Solo Show

Private Collections

Nicolas Logsdale (Lisson Gallery)

Moira Cameron & Xavier Spiller-Cameron, a mother and son team called Spiller+Cameron. The two artists collaborate and work together in a truly shared partnership.  Ideas and plans are bounced off each other and aims are approached with their different values. Combining an understanding they share for aesthetic qualities and a joint passion for creativity. The works are assembled in union, equally sharing the tasks. Each collaborator brings their strengths and weaknesses to the union, Xavier introducing his youthful, contemporary energy and vitality, to Moira’s maturity and experience. 

The two creators are 3rd and 4th generation artists, with art running through their DNA. Both of Moira’s parents were accomplished artists, her grandmother an illustrator and her husband a successful painter. From a child Xavier was encouraged to work with his Grandfather and his father. Some of the drawings from Xavier’s childhood are still evident on his father’s paintings. For many years Moira also assisted her partner/husband David Spiller and curated his work.  She continued to work independently and her work has been collected by Nicholas Logsdale from the Lisson Gallery.


Moira’s work had previously been about using and recycling old paper bags she had collected from New York. The paper bags were a simple memory of her time in New York, a journal of her life in the city, memories of everyday shopping collected in a paper bags. They had a previous history and prophetically from the 80s already carried significant messages: “Recycle, Reuse Reduce”. Moira’s work has always retained the notion of appropriating items for repurposing.

Xavier spent much of his youth struggling with illness,his sensibilities very much influenced by personal experiences. Mainly working by combining objects already imbewed with emotional energy. A comment made of Xavier was that “if he was put on a desert Island he would work with sticks, coconuts and sand.”Xavier creates pieces with what was available to him, recycling and re-evaluating matter. His degree show ‘sold out’ and the work went to some high profile collectors and galleries.


During a period of time spent caring for David they began to work ever more closely. Working in the deserted studios, an environment filled with emotions and strangediscardedobjects, they used the abandoned detritus to fuel their imaginations. Like archaeologists and treasure hunters they have forensically collated the resident ephemera, which retains poetic potency andghost traces. Encapsulated memories of personal interactions and evidence of a previous history.  Employing a process of regenerating and reincarnating, challenging perceptions of perceived beauty by demonstrating aesthetic merit in junk. 

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