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Rags - Genesis

The series of works “Rags” are made from salvaged, torn up sheets and pillowcases, artist paint rags that had been used for many years. At first glance they look like one abstract work but as you look into the works the details become more evident. They are assembled from 9 rag remnants, each containing abstract marks and traces of paint and colour, sometimes a footprint, or blotting of a dot or letter can be made out. The rags have undergone a washing process to flatten them; they have been, primed, ironed and meticulously stitched together, rebuilt into a 9-panel construction. The number 9 being a significant representative number for love, completeness, enlightenment and conveying messages. The “Rags” series highlight the incidental and accidental beauty obtained from a byproduct of a creative art process. Each panel demonstrates its different wear and tear, wrinkles of age and wisdom. Placing them into a new context for analysis and reconsideration, re-contextualising them by offering possibilities for metamorphosis and a new life. They harness the energy of their previous use and likealchemy transmute a base product into something worthy of contemplation. 

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