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Often observing unintentional imagery in the abstract panels, like Rorschach ink blots. Spiller + Cameron wanted to find a way of creating faces, also linking back to Cameron’s earlier works. By liberating themselves from the constraints of using 9 panels Spiller +Cameron firstly tried to paint a single complete image on one large canvas  but felt restricted by this formula and ever mindful of the Picasso quote: “The urge for destruction is also a creative urge!”.  The oil paintings were ritually spliced, cut up and deconstructed into abstract panel components, containing: triangles, spots and letters. These panels were reassembled, some of the assemblages made up of over 30 individual components. Combining:  paper bags, canvas tote bags from art exhibitions, remnants of paint smeared rags, monoprint and random scrawlings.  Amalgamating the detritus from the studio working process and personal history elements, into one image with every element  finding a place. These works have undergone a reincarnation process of being destroyed, broken down and sewn back together reconstructed into  new possibilities.


These assembled works take on individual personalities; large totemic faces, Easter Island heads, with battle scars, tattoos and body art markings.  Their un-deterring presence, stand like guardians, angels, watching over you, embodying a sense of protection. 

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